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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 11, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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right nono on "mbc saturday" the p psidentn ghana.a. he'sxpect to deliverer a speechch to the parliament thth this hour.r. the detls onhe latesteg of his ip in a livee reporrt. theennsylvania smming popool ontroversy. new voices weiei in today on exactly why a grp of scho childr got turnedaway. new hopepe for lancee armstg as he puss for his second meback. >> how does drinkingevevian me you feelel?
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>> a little baby love there. the story behind the latest viral deo. why this new marketing strategy rks so well. an a veryood morning everyone. i'm alex witt. this is "msnbc sarday." new developments in the death of first we go the president's trip to ghana. the president says his trip is design to show that africas not separat from world affairs and at's why his visit to gha is integrat into a larger visit to europe. coming up this hour 'll bring u the president's sech to few moments have a preew of a what he'll be sing in a live reportrom across ghana. meanti theresident is leaving africa tonigh and will start of judge sotomayor's confirmaon hearings on monday. i'm joined now live from washington by aon billings seni news editor for "roll call." good morning. >> good mornin >> what a conservatives thinking? do thethink they can blk sotomayor's nomination? is that the best case scenario r them or something else? >> i think that woulde the best case but it's n going to happen a they now that. i think they're going to u
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th week's hearings toet the tone for thejudiciary. th know there will probably be another sueme cot nomineen obama's tenure and they want to make the cas for how they want th judicia to go. they knowhis nominee, soni sotomayor, is not going to change the makeup o the urt. she's probably going to be liberal jurist. judge suitor was a irly beral jurist. they want to make the case the n't want activist judges, they want to make the case she's not going to be an activist judge and in the meantime democra will try to blunt tticism ansay she's goin to be moderate she has the highest score from the american bar associatio this is a woman whoas 17 yrs of judicial experience. you know, she came from t hard scrabble beginning she has puld herself up. sh has this tremendous life history. so, you ow, they'r going to trto make thease that, in fact, she will add diversity to the court and be you know, she's morehan fit for thi court. >>okay. e there anyarticular issues
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from her pas on the bench the that you thi will ke center stage her >> i k there will be a few things. you know, certain the republicans have been ping over her rulis, her writings, her record. there are goingo be aew things they'll bring up including some remarks that she made. atne pot she sa as a latinoan she could rch better conclusions probably than a white male. i'm sure that will be at least part of the narrative. they will also talki out en she made some remas at a forum in 2005 where she said th everyone knows that licy is made fr the appeals court and i'm sure that will be a footte. they'll alsoook at her record. ere was a recent supreme court rulingt overturned a ruling she was a part of when she s part of the lower cot dealing with firefighter in new haven, a promotions test that wa thrown out on which minorities did not d well. the supreme court overturned the
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ruling that she was a part of. i'm sure that wile part of the narrative. so a of these thin are going to come up ey'll also get into some social issues. gun rights will be an issue. abtion will be an issue. they will use a of this to try to paint a picture forer being perhaps a biassed juror on t like i id, the decrats will try to blu that criticism. >> any political risks by nominee? out against the popular >>f urse there are political risks. this is, you kn, a hispanic woma she has a tremendousife history, like i said. you know, and republans are trying to make headway with minoties a in particula with hispacs, whh is the stest growing pation in our couny. you now, they're not in great political straits right now. they need to pick up seats in the use and senate. they'dike to get this white house back. they know they need hispanics on their side. if ty oppose, you know, the first latina,prospective latina jurist o the highest court in the land thatcould have
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political ramifications. having said that, you know, they're not going to igno their base a their base wan them to go after herhard. >> okay. erin billings, thank you ve much for that.t. we'll talklk with you again. >>thanks, alex. >>eeure to w wat "meethehe press" tomorrow andd dvivid grgregy y ll haveenenats john mccain and c chu schumer ass hi exclusive guests.. if it is s suay it is "m"mt th press." eck lococal listingsoror the time. > a w w rert finds secret bush administratioionrogram was awaw. the repoportasas mandndededy congress last year andndelelived yesterday. says notenenou relevantt ofcicis knew the eeentf the program and d it's nototlear how much eful information n wa thther from it ththe shshwhwhithouse knowledged it condndteted warrrraneses wiretaps but st othehe ascts of th prraram rerema classssieied. a new tstst to t ououtre over aigig bonuses. "t w whington post" reports s the insurance giantt i i reportedly a askg the federal l government to approveve a plann hand out $250 mimillnn over the next nine months. "the popost reports the papaffs inude millions in payayntnts owowedo o p exexecivivesn the
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coming days.s. there was a a pububcc outcry earlier this year about $165 million inetention b bnuses bebein paid toig employees. aig received more ththan $8$8 billion in fededera loansinince itits ararollapse l la fall. sosome optimism emerergi fr buetet tks under way california. bobotharties say they'y' m mad progress in trying t to work out solutitionoolose t statete $26 mimillnn budget shoortllll bothth seses hd back toto t the table today.y. >> thiss the hshsh realalitinin the crisis we face. >itit's stupipidi at a lelev atat i have notot seen in government sinince arrived in california 155 years ago. >>nd back politics n nnd thpresident's trip to ghana. with a good mornin what's on the resident's agenda today? >> reporter: well we're told he's just arved for that speech atarliament so we
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expect it at anyute now. as you know, this morning there was kind of anlaborate welcoming ceremo by ghana's presidt. they sat down anhad a bilaral meeting, a little photo oprtunity there for a second. then the president along with the first lad toured amaternal house center. we haven't seen th pictures yet and ll get them as soon as w ca the report from people inside the materl health cent makes it sound like quite an interesting visit with the president and first lad both picking up ies, lkg to some of the moms staying in this nter. so the presint is trying to have the prsonal touch fo his very brief stay here in ghana. as i said, he'sbo to address parliament. came here because a lot of people look at ghana as really on of thehining starsn africa whent comes to democracy. it had several mocratic elections receny and, in fact, the one last year was very hotly contested and very close. the oppositionarty won. yet, it a peafu transfer of power. so the esident says he really was to highlight what working in africa. >>kay. and ere has b some confusion as to when that speech is going to happe and you are
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gettg a sense it's hppening shortly if not laterhis hour? >> reporter: i think it's about half an hour from now. so the president is site but i think the speech is supposed to -- >> okay i know the was cousion on that front. thank you very muc we'll on this and when it becomes live we' take itthere and talk with you again. sannah guthrie. >> thank you. >> as savannahas mentioning we'll ver that so stay tune for the ve coverage of the esident's addr forghana's parliamentcheduled at 8:40 eastn. a tribu to the king of pop in his hometow ounds of peopleathered friday nig in gary, indiana to honor michael jackson. the tribute featured performances ofjackson's most memorae songs plus rmarks from jesse jason and michael's fath, joe jackson. this morning there are new developmts into the algatiin michael jackson's death. i understand the lapd chief is saying he's not ruling out hocide at this point. wh behind all this
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>> reporter: that's right. he'saking all ofhis cues from the coner's office and the last wead ard, they had indicad it would be sevel more weeks befor we get toxicology reports and of course complicating that is the icion that there are sevel prescriptionrugs that have to be analyzed that toxicology rert. then yesterda to peaps complicate and delay matters reports surfaced tat investigators with the coner's officeave serve subpoenas to several doctors in charge of michael jackn's care. that includes his long-time dermatologist dr. arnold kin. the subpoenas reportedly ask for evything and anything in his dical historyncluding his psycatriistory and this presumably iso they can try to piece together what has happened medically with michaejackson in the past f years d, more signifantly, what drugs had entered the picture? depending on where that
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coroner's investation goes, the lapd will ta cues fr that and go whicher way they need to go. as you said, chief bratton has noruled out homicide, alex. >> inah, can you ve us the latest o where micha jackson's body is and where he's going to be buried? what do we kow abou that? >> reporter: ell, the lt we ve, the last, you know, really od report that we have is that he is stl at forestawn in llywhills, which is whe he was take after his body was leased from the coroner's office. sie then there have been so many rumors and so many fferent reports about what could have hpened to it, whether hisody was actually in the casket during his funeral trtribut b b the lastst we hrd ishaha hisody will remain therere titil the family decide where it shouldd go. that may have s sothing to d with wheheth they could ry the body att neverland. apaprently there are oongng negotiatioionsbobouthether it is lelegallpopoible to t tt. of course, inhat scenario f fs
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wouldabablutely wlclcom that nene because as manyeoeopl suspect, it coululd turn into a west coast grgreland of sorts. asas f f as the family ss ininditeted,hey say this is a a private mtete and shouldn't matttt t tonyone except us where michael jackckn n is buried. so, no. don't have any absolutely confirmed rereportononhat just yet, lex. >> ok.. thksks f what we do have. apappriaiatehat. >> well, totoday ndreds of passengers plalann to leave phox for lolond. ththeir ipip was canceled fridi when smomoketarted filling th cacabi of this british aiways jejust moments after itit p phed away froro tepepture gate a phoeninisksky harbor internatioiona we are waiting anan oicial cause but t fire a ahorities suspspec was an electrical prproble neararly30300asasngers and crew acuated using t the eape slides. >> stl l ahead, thee investigation i into a private swim club. the e explatatn for why rnrned away somechildren and why many arerett buying it > > also,hehe new general momoto. is it improved?d? the changesouou'l see the cocompy now that it's out of nkruptcy.
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tonight's l lununch of the acace uttle "endeavour" threreateded by ththunrstorms. liftoff scheduled for 7:30atat thkennedy space nter. meorologists see a 60%% chance of unacceptable weatherer > a barge carrying 11 milli gallons of gasolinin is no lonr stuck on a ndnd bar in ororeg.. the bargeasas been ucuc for t days. the vevess was freed a afrr all the gas wasumpedout. tor ryano'o'ne heing to court two weeks ateter theeaea of lonontitime compananio farra
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fawcett. neneal attended a statusus hearg on his drug possessionon case.. lance e arartrong is l loon toto me a meback. right nono t the eighth stage o thee tour de france is under wa nbc's john yang is i london with the very lest on atat jojohnhe's doining pretty llll. how is h h making ou >> r rororte he is doing etet we. hehe i in third place r rig no onon a abo eight seconds behind the leaderer the eighth leg is still gogoin n w.w. the tour de franan really is a grueling stst of both strength an durance. ncnce mstrong is still i the thick of it h hopg to do something manyhink is popossle yet again. back in what may b b the world' most demandining competetioion r anbsence of fr years lance armstrong soundslilike very different racer ththan h h w before. >> welell, don't have the sa confidencece ttt iadad before, but i come withn extreme sse of excititemtt andlslso, quite
8:17 am
honeststlyaaeck of a l o of nerve. >> reporter: this is armstrongs fit t pearance inhis 2200-mile race sinin 2 200 when won a recocoseventh straight viorory. the string gagann 1999uu three e yess ater a near fatal case of cacanc.. now armstrong g s s emerged fro reretimemento chase ananighth titltle across e europeaea untryside. ife e wi he'll be the dest victct s sin 1919.. >> it's difficultt race at any age and especiallyhen y'r'r , a cancer survivor, d have been rtired for three years. >>it's n about . . >> reporter:r: hs fighting moror than age. he's fighting h own controversial l ime e whh he commercial for onef his ision sponsors, nike. >> the critics say i'm rogant, a doper, washed up. >> reporter: ae start of today's leg, armstrong wasn third place, six seconds behi the leer, and two second
8:18 am
be the forite, teamate alberto contador of spain. armstrong y be chasing a personal aomplishment but he's reful to talk about the team. >> think it's a team, myself and albeo and andreas, we went a lng way today. reporter: today's leg i probably going to be ending in about an hour or so. it is one of the most demanding days of the tour de france. it's 110 mile throughthe mountains. it's the equivalent of cmbing mount everest three imes. this stage is often decisivein figuring out who's ging to win in the end. alex? >> are you kidding? like climng mount everest three times? >> reporter: bec of all the times you have to go up hills and go up mountains in this. it's lik climbing thre mount everts ove three das. this entire race islike ruing a marathon every day for three weeks. >> that's just unbelievable. well, pretty exciting.
8:19 am
i can't believe it's been since 2005 either. when you said that, it like what? it's been that long? all t. jo yg inlondon, thanyou so much. >> thanks, alex. >>we are waiting for the president to speak to parliament in ghana. we'll bring that to you live he o"msnbc saturday." thud ] [ womaman sighs ] [ horn honks ] [ sigh a lot goes through yououmind after an acciden but with liberty mutuaual, insurance issues w won't, bebeuse weffer unlimiterental coverage, new r replacement, anacacdent forgiveness to helelp ease yr mind. and at'sur policy. liberty mutu iurance.
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wellll bunch of babies becoming thehe latest must see on t internet. ♪ >> all right. that's the new evianan commercr, digital babieses dancing to th sugar hill gang's rrpeper' delight. momost million people have watched the ad youtubee s far and d th ad hasn't even prieied
8:23 am
on tv ye joining meme le e talk a abo the papactof this nd others like , the senior vicece president with eutsch, ininc. and a v ver good morningng t yo >ood morning. >>t's very, very catchy. les s lk about whether orot this a adononnes with the auaudicece. i'm dancingghehen i'm watchinin it.. do you think it es? >> i i think it absoluteleldoes. evian has d dona ntastic job of really deliveriningo the core of theirbrand. i thinkkhihis a checks off every singngleararting boxinin termsof commununicioio development b momportantly 's's all a autut what evianhahas always been ababou a abo life, tataty, a and youth. and thisis i just a n new and incredibly f fre e expssion of everytythi t t brandasas always been. >>owowyou're the o onewhwho get paid to do this advertising. just andotally, i look at this. i love the cmerc but for the fact you a i are talking about it, wouldn't look at it and say i got to go out and buyian. i'm not getti the connection so much th evian.
8:24 am
do they need to do more of plastering a sign or logo or something? it depends. ere are lots of different kinds ofcommunication. mean, in this instance, this communicion is all about building the brd, developing the emoonal connection that evn has with its consumers and hahad for so many years. they did another baby commmmcicl wayback in 1989ththat was very similar to ththis i thihi ts is just another examplof how the trying to connect emotionally their brand to their consumers. >> i thinking abouthe e trade commercial that uses babies and that of course i think about e tradeso that has done something there. do you think babies are just an inedible thing to use for branding and is verysuccessful? >> i think everybody lves babies. i think what's most important is th whenever you' use anytng sort of devicer drama for a brand that it is absotely linked to what itis your brand is all about. there are lots and lots gratuito uses of babies in
8:25 am
advertising because they're cute and adable. >> does it cross the lin >> i think pele cross the line all the time. it make me angr wn people use things and it doesn't really have a connectn to what their brd message is all about. in the cse of eviannd e-trade they've done a fantastic job of using ababy as a demonstratio of whatheir brand provides consumerers. >> this ranks as i understand it third right t nownn terms of viviosos o youtubeeiei witnessed. this is coming att a timehen ereryo's looking at stuff onon michael jackson. wh does this say to youou about the effectiveness of a viral ad campgn? >> i think it's great. it's bome viral because they have done everhing right in developinghis communation. there's viral sff out there that isreally entertainin but entertainingor entertament's sake. what evia has done is eated somethinthat's incredi entertaining, completely connects with their tget. this w forwarded to me last week by my cousin who is early in the targetrange, who has two young ildren, who has bee
8:26 am
through e experience of bringi up a 20-mon-old and spending tim you knw, just tching them and knowing how much lifes in those children. you could just bottle that life, it wod be incredible. >> yes. >> she stit to me and it's very clely connected with her and it's usg the sugar hill gang. i mean, rapper's delit. that pie of music struck you. you tapping your feet all thway through the intro. >> absolutely. thanks foriving it up. no sure i'm going to have you back. thank you very much for deutsch, inc. wel see you later this morning. >> thanks. >>we are waiting for the president to speak before parliament inhana and once he begins talking w'll bring that to you live. we are on "msnbc sury." oduct do? coing to a study presented by better heses andardens, definity coloror rapaptu. it corrects the look of wrinkles and didiscororatn. 50,000 voters. one brilliant wiwinner
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being able to manage your diabetes properly. it's very important r me to uh check my bloodugar before i go on s. being on when i'feeling low can like rollercoaster. it does at times feelike my body is telling me to do one thi... and, my mind, my h is telling me to doomething else. managing mhighs d lows is super important. with my contour meter i can personalize myigh/lo settings so ially does micromage where my blood sugar nes to be. i'm nick jonas and never owing down is my simple win. nbc is the pla for politics. president obama is scheduled to address ghana's parliament at any moment now. hethere. he's bngintroduced right no
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as we speak a then once gets the introduction under way he'll get to theodium and we'll take thalive for you. he arrived in tfrican nation last ght. after his live address something very interesti is going to happen. the president's faly will be ing cape coastcastle. that was britain's headquarters in west afric for the trans atlaic slave trade. its certain to be something that wl be very, very emional, of course,nd has been well documeed that michelle obama's family are descendants of slaves d so is will be something that shou be very, very emotional. it's in a very beautul setting t, nonheless, the atrocities that transpired at the cape coast castle many, many years ago will alle visited certainly in spirit today. the president will be talking shory and when he do he'll be tlking about how africa is not separa from world affairs. of course, ghana the country of his pick this visit. the are 50 other countries the but questions had arisen about why head not gone to
8:31 am
heritage is bad in part.s also, thosin nigeria, really the selfescribed leader of afri as they say, they believed they should havead the present make his first visit there to africa as president. nonetheless, ghana was the pickedountry and we are going totay on top of this. we're going to keepery clo e. and once t president takes e podium, we'll ta you the. a couple big developments thisorning in the michael jacksostory. fit up we have michael ther, katherine, and his one-time we debbie rowe asking a judge to postpone t guardianship hearing that was set to te place on monday. the hearing will n take pla on july 20th los anles police chief william bratton is now saying he's not yet ruling out homicide as a cause of death. joining me le with thevery latest is the senior editor with "in touch weekly." thanks for joining us in the studio. if t president starts talking we'll go off to that. yway, can you givee the last in the newinvestigation
8:32 am
here? >>well, with thecust hearing, as you mentioned, that has now bn postponed for a week. this is the second time that they have postponed the guardianship hearingnd it appears athe lawyers ar tryi to work ou some deal. the lawyer for katherine jackson put out a statement, sd they're trying to com to some nclusion in an amicable way that best for the kids. and i think tha is what everyone wants. i think afteratching that memorialservice, seeing tha the relationship that the kids have with the jackson family, i think it clear that the kids really need to be looked at first. we have stor in "in touch" this week talking about janet's lationship with the kids a michael regnizing he want janet to play a role in raising the kids. we don't enow reall t st contact that debbie rowe has had with the kids. and then, of course, going back, she initially gavep her custy rights, sheave up h rental rights,h an appeals court overturned that backin 2003 but then after a settlement it seemed like she w just out of their livesor so lo
8:33 am
en, of courseit all started again when she said perhaps she want custody. she hasn'tade a desion yet. this has gone back and for but it sounds like they are workin tother. they've delayed the guardianship heing because they're talking. and hopefully they'll come to me good conclusion f the kids. >> but la chief william bratton saying that he's not ruling out homicide i mean, is that what people a talking about as being gitimate, really homicide, murder? >> wel what btton did say the other day was that we' waing for the toxicology tests toome back, and once we have the absolute final results of wh w know killed michael jackson then we can fire out whatt is. he's notuling out homicide. he's not rulg out an accidentaloverdose. th is all being raed. yo know, joe jacksonid an interview yesterday ere he said he suspected foul play. so this does seem to be in the back of everyons mind. but, of course, until the toxicology tests come back nobody really knows other than
8:34 am
threports coming out about michael jacksos drug use, wt was found in the hose. now, of course,he coroner has subpoenaed heaealtrerecos apappantnt from various d docrs cacae it's now l loong like hee wagogog tomany, many d doorors toetet tse prescriptions. >> well, yes. ere was aeport yesterday michael jacksoson s tking more thanan t xanaxax day andnd tk thatat m my of hihisoctors crosd e line in prescribing - -- >> thatt s apparently d do from 40 was the repeportt that t th been ann improvementapparently. so, yeah.. a lot offtutuff ming out a abo michael jackson's drugug u.. i know we havee setethi in ""in toh"h" this wk.k. enen gng back they're looking athe reportrt from back in his trial in 2005, whahat t theyyo atathehe neverlandanch fdiding various p preririionvials and even now reportedly ty'y're fifindg prescripiptissithout bebelsn them. they don't know wrere these cace from, who prescribebed lot of these drugs.s. thatat'shyhy they'reeeally digging inintohaha doctors michael was s ining to. ititould have beenp to a zeze
8:35 am
doctors, you know, talk of doctor shopping. there is so much h iningon. think that is why bill bratton is sining,hief atatto is saying, we're waiting for t the toxicology r reptsts t come bac and then we c can piece all o thisisogogetr to figure out whwt exactly happeneded >> kim, with regegarto whereoo bury mmhael's body, the family n't seem toagree on it. is thehe dissensnsio thin the ranks of thehe jackson mimi or are they just tryrygg t find the perfrfecplplac or bh?h? >> i inink it's aittle of boboth there seemem t be soome dissension within thth family, icich what theeepos are saying, that joeoe jackson and jermrmai h he both said th want h h buried atneveveanand, t t therine is kind going wi michael'l's wishes. michael had apparently said h h dididn w wananything toto doiit neverland d teter at trial after deininwith everything so shehe is not in vovor it but,t, ain, joe and jermaine -- jermnene h said publiclye e thinks thahat ululde the plala to buryy h hm. ihink that is parar it, the family dissension. but also fdidinghe right place. yoknkn people will be gog to visit h g gve so nding a
8:36 am
place that canhahale the amamou of people who wawant to pay t t respsptsts t michael, all of tht is playing a rolol i i think in fiining place tourury him. righght w w nody reallyy ows where hihi body is thee sculation is thatat hwawas mporarily beingee in ave or crypt from b bar gordy'samami but tenen other ople have said,no. that's not t the case. so nobody realallynono where h e is right now. weee a kind of waiting to see wrfif erere e final resting place will be for michael.l. >> appreciatethat. thanks. > we are waititg g fo the president to speak b befe e th parliameme i in ghana. once he begins talking w we' bring it to you live h heronon "msnbc satury." [ engine powerers down ] ] gentn, you booked yourotels on orbitz. ll, the price went down,n, so you're all gettina a k thanks. for the fference. except for you -- yodidn't book with orbitz, so you're not gettg a check. well, i think we've all leard a valuable lesson daday.
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8:40 am
th is the president of the untry and it los like he's madehe introduction. >> mr.president, on balf of the house, i convey our gratitu gratitude. honorable members, i now have the honor, pleasure, ivilege
8:41 am
to invite the president of the united stateof america to deliver his message. mr. esent. [ cheeri ] i like this. i thank you. thank you. ink congress needs one of those horns. that sounds pretty good. it soundlike louis armstrong
8:42 am
back there. good afternoo everybody. >> good afternoon. >> it is agreat honoror me to be in gna and to eak to the esentatives of t people of ghana. i am deeply graful for the welcome that've received and michelle and malia a sasha obama. ghana'siory is rich. the ties between our two countrieare strong. and am proud this i my first visit to sub saharan afra as presidt of the united states of america. i wanto thank madame speaker and l the members of the house of representatives r hosting us today. want to thank president mills for hisoutstanding ledership,
8:43 am
to the former president, the vice president, thankso allof you fo your traordinary hospitality and the wonderful institutions that yove built heren ghana i'm speaking to you at the end of a long trip. i began in rssia for aummit between two grt powers i traveled to a meeting of the world's leang ecnomists. and've come here t ghana for a simple reason. the 21st century will be shape by what happens not jt in rme or mcow or washinon but by what happens in accra, as well. th is e simple truth of a
8:44 am
time when the boundarie betwn pele are overwhelmed b our connections. your prosrity canxpand america's osperity. your heath and security can contribute to the world's health d security. and thetrength of your democracy is can help with han rights for pple everyw. i dono see the countries and peoples of africa as a world apart. see africa as a fundamental part of our connecd wor as partners with america, a path of the future we want for all of our children. th partnip must be ground in mutual sponsibility and mutual respect. and that is what i wt t speak with youabout today. weust start fromhe simple
8:45 am
emise that afri future is up to africans. i say this owing full wel the tragic past that has sometime unted this part of the world. after all, have the blood of africa within me. my family's storyncompasses both the tradies andtriums of the larger aan sty. some of you know mygrandfather was a cook for the britishin kenya and a respected elder in his village. his employers called him "boy" for much ofis life. he was on theeriphery of kenya's liberatn struggles but he was still impsoned during reprsive mes. in his life colonialism wa't simplyhe creation ofunnatural borders or fair terms of trade. it was somhing expienced personally, day afteday, year
8:46 am
afteyear. my father grew up herdg goats a tinyvillage, an impossible distance awayrom themerican universities where he could come to get aneducation. he came of age at a moment of extraordinary promise for africa. people ihis own fathes generation werging birth to new nations right here in ghana. africans were educating and asserting themselves in new ways, and history was on the mo move. but despite the progress that has been de, and there has been considerablprogre in many parts of africa, we also know that much of that promise has yet to befulfilled. countries like kenya d a p capita economy larger than south
8:47 am
korea'swhen i wasborn. theyhave badly been outpaced. disease and conict have vaged parts of the african coinent. in many places the hope ofmy father'seneration gave way to cynicismnd despair. it's easy to point fingers and to p the ble of thes problems on othe. s, a colonial map that makes sense helped toreed coli. the st has often approached africa as a patron or a source of resources rather than a partner, but the west is responsible for the destruction of the ziabwe economy. there are wars i which chiren are listed as combatts.
8:48 am
in my father's life it was partly tribalism, patronage and nepotism in an independent kenya that for a lg stretch derailed his career. we kno that this kind of corruption is still aaily fact of life for far tomany. here in gna you show us a face of africa that is too ofte overlooked by a world thatsees only tragedy or a need for charity. the people of gana have worked hard to put dracy on firmer footing with repeated peaceful traners of power even in the wake o closy contested elections. n i say, that for that the
8:49 am
minority deserves as much credi as the majoty. we've improved governce amid an eerging economy. ghana's economy has shown impressive growth. thisrogress may lack the ama of 20th century stggles but make no mistake. it will ultimately be more significant, for just a it is imrtant to emerge from the control of o nations, is even more important to build so i believe that this moment is just a promising for ghana and r africa as when my father came of e and new nations were being born. this is new moment of great promise. only this tim we've learned at it will not be giants who
8:50 am
will dermine africa's future. it will be you. the men and women in ghana's parlment. the people you present. it wille young people brimmg with talt and energy and hope who ca framehe future that so many i previous nerations never realized. now, to realize that pmise we must first recogniz thetruth that he u given life t in ghana. development dpends on governance that is the ingredient ich has be missing in far too ny places for r too long. that'se chang that can unlo afric potentially. and that is a responsibility that can only met by afcans. in the st, our commitment must
8:51 am
be measured by more than jst the dollars we spend. i haveledged substtial increases in our foreign asstance, which is in africa's intest and america's interest but the true sign suess is not whether we e a service of rpual aid that helps pele scrape by. it's whether we are partners i building the capacity for change. thismual responsibilitymust be the foundaon for partnership, and today i will focus fr areas that are critical to future of africa and the entire developing area. democracy, opportunity, health, and theacefulesolution of conflict. rst, we must sport strong and sustaable democratic
8:52 am
governments. as i said incairo,a nation gives life toemocracy in its own way and in li with its own traditions. but history oers a clr verdict. governments that respe the wi of their own eople, tat gove by consensus and not coercion, are more prosperous. they are me stable and mre successful than gernments that do not. this is more than just holding elections. it's also about what hppens between elections. represon can take mny forms and too many nations, even those thatav elections, a plagued by proems with peoplen poverty. no country is goin to create wealth if the leaders exploit th economy to enrich
8:53 am
themselves. or the police -- police can be bought offy drug trakers. no busins nts to invest in a place where t government skims 20% off th top. or the head ofhe port authority is corrupt no person wants to live in a societwhere the rule ofaw ves way to the rulef brutality and bribery. th is not demracy. that is tyranny. evf ocasionally you sprinkle an eltion in there. and now is the time for that style of governance to end. in the 21st century, pable, reliable, and transparent institns are the key to success. strong parliaments, honest police forces, independt
8:54 am
judges, an independent ess, a stng private sect, a civil society, those are the things that give life t democracy, because that is what mters in people's every day lives. time and again ghanians have chosen constitutional rule over au autoacy and shown a democratic spirit that allowshe strength of your ople to break through. we see that in leaders o accept this. the fact that the president was standingbesideim lastight when came on the plane spoke volus about ghana. and we see th spir in
8:55 am
journalislike the journalist whoied his lfe to reprt the truth. we see itin police like patience who helped prosecute e first humanraicker in ghana. we seet in the young people who are speaking out against tronage and participating in th political procs. wee seen countless examples of people taking conol of their destiny and making chae from the bottom up. we sawt inkenya where civil society an busess came gether to stop postlectio vience. we saw it inouth africa where over three-quarters of the country voted in a recent electi, the fourth since t end of apartheid. we saw it i zimbabwe where the election supportetwork braved brutal reession to stand up
8:56 am
for the principle that a person's vote is thr sred right. make no mistake. history is on the sidef these brave africans. not with those whose coups or change constitutions totay in power. africa needstrong men. it needstrong initutions. now, america will not seek t impose any system of government any other natn. e essential truthof democry is that each nation determine its own destiny. but what aerica wl do is increase assistanc to responsible individuals and responsible institutions with focus on supporting the governance, on parliaments wch ensure opposition voicesre
8:57 am
heard. on the ru of law, which ensures the equal administration justice. on civic participation so that young people get corete sotions to corruption forensic accounting, and automated services protecng whistle blowe to avance transparency and accountability. and we provide thesuppor i direed my adminiration to give greater attention in our human rights reports. people everywhe should be able to start a business or get an education without yi a bribe. we have a responsibility to support those who act responsibly and to isolate those who don't and at is exactly what america is doing. now, this lds to o second area of partnership -- supporting development th provides opportunity formore people. have no doubt that africa holds theromise of a broader
8:58 am
base of prosperit witness the extraordinary success of africans in my country, america. they're doing very ll. they've t talent and they've got the erepreneurial spirit. the question is, ho do we make sure that they're succding here in their own countrie the continents rich in natural resources. and from cell phone entrepreneurs to small farms, africans have shown theapacit and cmmitment to create their own opportunities. but old habits must also be bren. on commodities or a single export has a tendency to concentrate weal in th hands of a few and leaves people too vulnerable. so, for instance, oil brings great opportunities anyou have en very responsible in eparing for new revenue,ut so many ghanians know,il
8:59 am
cannot simply become the new cocoa. from sou korea, ngapore, history show the country thrives when they invest in people and in infrastcture, when the promote multiple expos, develop a skilled work force, and space for small and meum-sized businesses tha create jobs. as afrans reach for is promise, america wil be more responsible in extending our hand. we want to put more resources in the hands of those who need it while training peopl todo more forthemsees. that's why our $3.5 billion secuty initiative is focused on new methods and technologi for farmers,


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